How to View the Word Count in Google Docs: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to enable Google docs word count
Follow these steps to quickly find out the word count of your document in Google Docs

Whether you’re drafting an article, an academic paper, or any written content, keeping track of your word count is crucial for adhering to guidelines and maintaining conciseness. Google Docs provides an easy-to-use feature to help you monitor the length of your document. Follow these steps to quickly find out the word count of your document in Google Docs.

Step 1: Access Your Document

Begin by opening your document in Google Docs. Navigate to the Google Docs homepage or access your document directly from your Google Drive.

Step 2: Locate the Word Count Feature

Once your document is open, you have two main methods to view the word count:

Method 1: Using the Toolbar

Click on “Tools” in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

In the dropdown menu that appears, select “Word count.” This action will bring up the word count window.

Method 2: Keyboard Shortcut

For an even quicker access, you can use a keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl+Shift+C (on Windows) or Cmd+Shift+C (on macOS). This shortcut instantly opens the word count window.

Enable Google Docs Word Count

Step 3: Understanding the Word Count Window

The word count window provides a detailed breakdown of your document’s length. Here, you’ll find:

  • The total number of words in the document.
  • The number of pages.
  • The count of characters, both including and excluding spaces.
  • This information can be crucial for meeting specific requirements, such as when dealing with assignments or publications that have a word limit.

Step 4: Keep the Word Count on Screen (Optional)

If you need to constantly monitor your word count as you write, Google Docs offers a solution. After opening the word count window as described above, check the box next to “Display word count while typing.” This option will keep a small word count box at the bottom left of your document, updating in real-time as you type.

Google Docs Word Count

Best Practices for Monitoring Word Count in Google Docs

  • Frequent Checks: Regularly check your word count to ensure you’re on track with your document’s length requirements.
  • Use the On-Screen Counter: Keeping the word count visible while typing helps you stay aware of your document’s length without interrupting your workflow.
  • Character Count Awareness: For submissions that specify a character limit instead of or in addition to a word count, use the character count feature to stay compliant.


Monitoring your word count in Google Docs is a simple yet essential part of the writing process, ensuring your documents meet the required standards and guidelines. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily keep track of your document’s length, allowing you to focus more on the quality of your writing. 

Remember, whether you’re working on a short essay or a lengthy report, keeping an eye on your word count can make a significant difference in meeting your objectives.


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