How To Create & Share A Google Calendar With Google Workspace

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How To Create & Share A Calendar With Google Workspace
Read our guide to discover how to create and share a Google Calendar with Google Workspace
  • To share a Google Calendar, visit the “Settings & Sharing” menu.
  • You can share a Google Calendar with specific people or groups directly via email or with a shareable link.
  • Each recipient will receive an email with a link they must click to add the shared Google Calendar to their list.

Why Sharing your Google Calendar can be Great for Your Work Team

A shared Google Calendar is a great way to keep your team on the same page and make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on. It’s also an excellent way to share events with other people who are not in your team.

A shared Google Calendar can be used to more easily let employees know about upcoming company wide meetings, operational or client related events, or even as a plant maintenance schedule for your maintenance staff. 

What Can You Do With A Shared Google Calendar

All of the standard stuff you would expect a digital calendar to do comes neatly packaged into Google Calendars. You can schedule meetings, add attachments to events, enable your own work hours into your calendar and add specific information such as time, location, attendees etc.

You can also create multiple calendars using a single Google Workspace account; We find this comes in handy in separating business departments, for example for most small to medium businesses we set up a “General” calendar shared to all employees, along with a calendar for each department such as “HR”, “Operations”, “Sales” etc. 

The calendars can then be shared to the employees within each relevant department, enabling them to see and interact with their departments calendar.

“This Google Calendar thing sounds pretty nifty Ryan, but when are you going to tell us how to set it up?” Right! Let’s get to the point.

How To Create & Share A Google Calendar

Step 1: How To Create A Shared Google Calendar

To create a shared Google Calendar, first you’ll want to open up your Google Calendar; To do so, simply visit in your web browser.

Once it has loaded up, click the small plus symbol next to “Other Calendars” on the left, then select “Create New Calendar”.

Google Calendar - How To Create A New Calendar

Enter a name and description for your calendar, select the time zone you would like it to operate with, then click “Create Calendar”. Congratulations, you’ve now finished setting up a new Google Calendar!

Step 2: How To Share Google Calendars

Locate your brand new calendar in the left menu, click the three small dots that appear when you hover your mouse over the calendar name, then select “Settings and Sharing”.

From here you can adjust access permissions for the calendar’s events, create a sharable link for the calendar, or share your Google Calendar with specific people or groups.

Google Calendar - How To Share Calendars (1)

One setting you may want to pay particular attention to when sharing the calendar with people or groups is that you can decide on the level of permissions you assign; Make sure you don’t accidentally share your calendar with someone else and allow them to make changes and manage sharing settings!

How To Share A Google Calendar With Specific People

To share a Google Calendar with a specific person, simply select “+ Add people”, from the calendars settings and sharing menu as pictured above.

Start typing the persons name or email address, then select the correct option.

Finally, select the level of permissions you’d like to assign for this person to your Google Calendar and select “Send”.

Google Calendar - Calendar Sharing Permissions (1)

The person that you sent the Shared Google Calendar invitation too will recieve an email containing a link which they will need to click in order to add your calendar to their list.

Conclusion: A Shared Google Calendar is one of the Best Group Tools for Collaboration

In conclusion, a shared Google Calendar is one of the best group tools for collaboration. It is easy to use and very convenient for all team members. In addition, it is available on all devices and has a free version that everyone can access.

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