How To Create An Interactive & Online Work Health & Safety Induction Portal Using Google Workspace
Check out our free guide on how to create an interactive and online training portal for your business! This training portal is completely automated with Google Apps Script!

This training portal is completly automated – staff can enter their details, upload their licences and qualifications, watch an induction orientation presentation, and then be quizzed at the end to test their knowledge.

The quiz automatically marks their answers and provides the correct answers if they got it wrong. Upon completion of the quiz, our code kicks in to generate a certificate – complete with their induction quiz score and all of their details pre-filled!


How We Used Google Workspace To Create An Interactive & Online Safety Induction Portal To Induct Workers

This custom Work Health & Safety Induction Portal was created by Ryan Graham from RJG Mediaworks, for Starlight Engineering – a Queensland based company that has specialised in certified metal fabrication, project support services and welding since 1994.

The code used to created this Work Health & Safety Induction Portal is based upon this free guide by Jeff Everhart and was created using the Google Workspace Platform – if you’d like to try Google Workspace you can use our referal link and click here to sign up for your free trial today!

Step 1: Create Your Folder Structure in Google Drive

The first step is to start creating the folder structure for your Work Health & Safety Induction Portal in Google Drive. The easiest way is to simply create two folders: “Completed Inductions” and “Resources”.

In our example below you will see a third folder with the words “File responses” – this folder will be automatically generated for us later in the tutorial, so don’t create it just yet!


Step 2: Create an Intranet Page to Host Your Induction Portal

The next step is to create a Google Sites page to act as your company “Intranet” page, this is where we will host our Induction Portal. To do this, simply click on “New > More > Google Sites”. 


This should open up a new tab in your browser page where you can create your intranet page. Make sure you give your page a name, enter a discription and give it a title!


Step 3: Create a Google Slides Presentation

Once you have finished creating a basic intranet page, next up you’ll want to start creating a Google Slides presentation. This is what your workers will see prior to being quizzed, so make sure to include all of the relevant information you want your workers to know about!

Google Slides comes with some super easy tools that you can use to create presentations – it even comes with some free built in templates!

Google Slides Startup Page

Step 4: Create a Google Form With A Quiz

The next step is to start building out your Google Form. This is where employees will enter their details, upload their licences and at the end be presented with a quiz!

If you need some tips on how to create a Google Form, the guys over at Online Tech Tips have created an amazing comprehensive guide, check it out here!

Once you have created your Google Form and named it, make sure to click the small gear icon in the top right and tick the box that says “Collect Emails”. You will also need to unselect the box that restricts the form to users within your organisation.

Finally, you must select the “Quizzes” tab from within the gear icon menu, and select “Make this a quiz”.


Step 5: Create a Google Docs Induction Template

Hang in there, we are almost done! The next step is to create a Google Docs template that will act as the “Induction Certificate” that is emailed to your workers upon completing the induction.

First, start a new Google Doc and design your template. If you like, you can steal some design tips from the Starlight Engineering template below:


You will need to include a section for each “data entry point” you created in your Google Form from Step 4. You’ll notice that in the Starlight Engineering template above, there are text entries that look like this: <text here>

The purpose of this text is to capture the data entry points from our Google Form, and use Google Apps Script code to replace it with whatever was entered into the form. We will use information from the next few steps to work out what text you need to use in your template, so just leave this blank for now.

Step 6: Use your Google Form to Generate a Google Sheet & A Responses Folder

Once you have finished creating your induction portal acknowledgement certificate template, head on back to your Google Form. You may have noticed when creating the form that one of the question options allows you to let users upload files.

In Starlight Engineering’s induction, this is how we collect workers licences. When you create a “File Upload” question in Google Forms, it will automatically generate a folder in your Google Drive with the words “file responses”. You can rename this folder to whatever you like!


Next, you’ll need to generate a Google Sheet spreadsheet to capture the data entered into the Google Form. To do this, open your Google Form and head over to the “Responses” tab. You should see a small green Google Sheets logo. Clicking on this will allow you to generate a new spreadsheet – make sure you give it a relevant name!


Step 7: Enter <Data> Tags Into Your Google Docs Template

Open your newly created Google Sheet – you should see that all of the questions and data entry points you created in your Google Forms quiz should appear as row headers in the Google Sheet.

It is important to note, that these headers correlate to the data entry tags “<the ones that look like this>”, which we created in Step 5.

Open your Google Docs Template and enter in <data> tags to match each heading within the Google Sheet. Make sure that the text within the < > tags matches the row title.

Note that he first row title has a value of “0”, the second row title has a value of “1”, the third row title has a value of “2” and so on, this is important for the next step when we enter in our code.


Step 8: Open your Google Sheet & Enter In Your Code!

Here comes the fun part! Open up your Google Sheet again and select “Tools” > “Script Editor” from the top menu. This will open the script editor where you can enter in your code. Don’t forget to check out Jeff Everharts Guide to grab a copy of the code!

You will notice in the screenshot below of Starlight Engineering’s Induction Portal that we have added a line for each form value or row title we want to capture from our spreadsheet and enter into our template. The number within the [ ] brackets is the row number we gathered in step 7.

Induction Code Example

If you would like your induction portal to email a copy of the results to your workers automatically, the guys over at How To GApps have written a great guide which includes examples of code used to email the doc template on completion, check it out here!

Otherwise if you like, you can just copy our code from below (Note I had to scribble out the folder ID, sorry about the weird blue scribble!)


Step 9: Test & Implement Your Code

Next up you need to add triggers and implement your code, then test it to make sure its working correctly! First, head over to the “Triggers” tab on the left of the Google Apps Script Editor, and select “Add Trigger”.

Select your newly created induction fuction, and make sure to select the option that says “On form submit” in “Select event type”. Once you hit save, you may need to approve your code by logging into your Google Workspace account again and hitting approve on the popup.


To test that your new Induction Portal code is working correctly, simply send your Google Form to yourself and fill it out – if you recieve an email with the template, you know that your code is working!

Step 9: Embed Your Induction Portal Into Your Google Sites Company Intranet Page

The final step is to embed your induction portal into your Google Sites company intranet page that we created in Step 2. This will provide a nice dashboard for your workers to view the induction presentation we created in Step 3, and then fill out the induction quiz.

To do this, open up the Google Sites page and use the “Insert” tool to insert the Google Slides Presentation we created in Step 3. Then, create a button underneath which we will use to launch the quiz.


To get the link for the “Launch Induction” button, open your Google Form Quiz and select the “Send” button in the top right hand corner. This should open a menu where you can choose the link option, and copy the link to your clipboard. Now you can head back to the Google Site and paste the link in. 


Step 10: Share Your New Google Site Page With Your Employees!

Finally its time to share your new induction portal with your employees! To do so, simply go to your Intranet Google Sites page and hit “Publish” – once you have done so, you should see an option to share your sites link, as shown below.

The best part is that your employees can open this link on their mobile phones and create a shortcut as an “App” – the induction portal is fully compatible with mobile!


Thats it, you’re all done! Now just wait for your employees to complete their inductions and watch your completed inductions start rolling in! 

Thanks For Reading, Before You Go…

Thanks for reading guys! This post was originally written for our sister company Work Safety QLD – they offer free resources and templates for Work Health and Safety in Queensland, don’t forget to check them out! You can also check out the original post here.

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