How To Add an Email Signature To Gmail

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How To Add an Email Signature To Gmail
Read our guide to learn how to add an email signature to Gmail

Would you like a simple email signature like the one below? Here at RJG Mediaworks we use the HubSpot Email Signature Generator to easily generate and add email signatures – check out the results below!

Email Signature Example

How To Add An Email Signature To Gmail

Step 1. Open Gmail & Select The Settings Icon

To begin, launch Gmail and click on the small gear icon, located in the top right hand corner of the screen and to the right of your company logo.

How To Add an Email Signature To Gmail - Step 1

This should slide open another menu. Right at the top, click on “See All Settings”, as pictured below. This will open the full menu where you can locate the Signature setting.

Step 2

Step 2. Scroll To The Signature Setting

Under the “General” tab, scroll down until you reach the “Signature” section (As pictured below). From here you can click on “Create New”, give your signature a name, and either design or “paste” your signature into the text box. 

Scroll To The Signature Setting

Once you have finished entering your email signature, make sure you select it from the drop down boxes under “Signature defaults”, to ensure that it is used for new emails and reply/forward emails.

Make sure to also select the checkbox that says “Insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the ‘–‘ line that precedes it”, to ensure that your email signature will display correctly.

Step 3. Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page & Save Your Changes

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save Changes”, to lock your new email signature in.

Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page & Save Your Changes

Step 4. Rejoice In Your Brand New Email Signature!

Congratulations, you’re all done! Now that you know how to set up an email signature in gmail, why not try designing your own signature using HubSpots Email Signature Generator? It is a free tool that we use right here at RJG Mediaworks to design custom HTML signatures. 

Step 4

Want RJG Mediaworks To Help Design A New Email Signature Or Set It Up?

We would love to help! RJG Mediaworks can design custom email signatures for your entire organisation to ensure your branding and customer interaction stays consistant across the board! Contact Us Today to find out how to get started!

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