How Do You Manage A Bookmark Folder Across An Entire Enterprise in Google Workspace

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How Do You Manage A Bookmark Folder Across An Entire Enterprise in Google Workspace
Read our guide to learn how to manage a bookmark folder across an entire enterprise in Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, it is possible to create a company-wide bookmarks folder for Google Chrome that all of your employees can see, allowing businesses to become more organised and efficient – read our guide to learn how!

What Are Google Chrome Managed Bookmarks?

Google Workspace Administrators can create and organise what Google refers to as “Managed Bookmarks” through the Admin Console for all managed Chrome Browsers and Chrome devices within their organisation.

It’s important to note that users will be unable to edit the organisation-wide bookmark folder unless they are administrators for your organisation and have the relevant permissions. 

We’ve found this super handy for ensuring that our employees have access to all of the relevant information and tools that they need within our company, for example you could create a subfolder for daily tools and bookmark things like Gmail, Drive and Calendar to ensure easy access. 

At our parent company RJG Mediaworks we also found it helpful to bookmark links for creating new Google Workspace documents with just one click! 

How To Create A Company Wide Bookmarks Folder for Google Chrome

How To Share A Google Chrome Bookmark Folder With Your Entire Organisation

To begin, first you’ll need to visit and login using your admin credentials. 

Once you are on the Admin console home page, head over to Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & Browsers, then navigate to “Managed Bookmarks”.

(Quick tip, instead of scrolling all the way down the screen to find it, you can use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + F” to launch a search bar in Google Chrome and simply search for the setting you are looking for on the page). 

How To Create An Organisation Wide Bookmarks Folder for Google Chrome

Next, select “edit bookmarks”, this will take you to a new page where you can manage your organisations bookmarks in Google Chrome. You’ll want to make sure to leave the top organisational unit selected to ensure the setting is applied to all users within your organisation. 

To begin, simply click the small “+” icon next to the bookmark folder, which will allow you to add a subfolder or a new bookmark as pictured below. You can also rename the top level folder by clicking the three small dots next to the folder name, and selecting “edit”. 

Google Chrome Managed Bookmarks

Selecting “Bookmark” will open the following menu, where you can give the bookmark a name and enter the URL you wish to bookmark. In the example below we’ve added our company Facebook Page to our managed bookmarks in Google Chrome so that all of our employees can find it more easily.

How To Add A Bookmark To Google Chrome Organisation Wide

Once you click “Add”, you’ll be taken back to the previous page. Once you’re done editing your organisation’s bookmarks folder, make sure you hit “Save” up the top right corner of the page to lock everything in and distribute the bookmarks to your users.

Company Wide Bookmarks Folder for Google Chrome

That’s it! Within a few moments you should now be able to see the bookmarks folder in your own browser, and the next time your employees login they should also be able to see the new bookmarks.

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